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Student Voice

As a young student, do you ever feel like your opinion doesn’t matter? At times, do you feel like no one hears you?


Get Involved, Stay Involved

Sometimes we find ourselves searching for a unique volunteer experience, and searching, and searching, and searching. You want to travel and help other countries, groups, organizations, but nothing in your area is offering what you’re looking for. And there are safety concerns, parent’s permission, and you may have never traveled before. There’s a lot of anticipation leading up to a volunteer opportunity like this, and they are out there. Just call on the Blue Bridge Project to help get your traveling volunteering experience underway.


Step Up Cincinnati

If you’re looking for proof that high school students can do something big, look no further. Step Up Cincinnati is the region’s largest one day, student-run service event, taking place this year on September 8. Step Up is associated with UGive, a non-profit focused on providing high school aged youth with volunteer opportunities, but the event is planned entirely by high school interns over the summer.


From Domestic Terror to Mars; America in 24 hours

It is the morning of August 6th, 2012 and the last 24 hours have been nothing less than a roller coaster-a day for which I cannot find a fitting label. The day preceding this moment has been filled with an array of emotions both terrible and amazing.