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The Millennial Generation

David Burstein, 24, author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our Worldbelieves that his generation, the Millennial Generation, is currently and will continue to alter the world in terms of business, technology, philanthropy, politics, and culture in the next twenty to thirty years. Although all previous generations have contributed to the development of civilization, David believes that the Millennials are different. They will make a greater impact as they were raised in a crucial period in history.

David describes the Millennial Generation as the, “Largest generation in history, the most diverse generation in history, the most educated generation in history… They’re the first, last, and only generation to come of age straddling the line between the digital and the pre-digital world.”

David believes that with the Millennials ability to adapt to new technology, accept diverse cultures, and remain optimistic about their futures, despite the recent recession and high unemployment rates, this generation will excel beyond the rest. However, he also believes that Millennials and older generations have much to learn from one another.

“This really gives us a huge asset to move in and navigate this fast changing world. For us, constant change is the new norm… we are totally comfortable with that which gives us a great advantage,” David says.

With the ease of adapting to new technologies, David acknowledges that today’s youth has more opportunities to do a variety of things that were not available to elders. This applies to serving your community. David explains that in the modern world there are countless opportunities to volunteer, but it’s important to apply your skills and passions to get more out of the opportunity. For example, if you want to own a bakery one day, then a great way to serve your community would be to start a bake sale to raise money for a cause that you care about. Or you could bake cookies for local firemen or policemen. If you hope to work as a vet one day, volunteer at an animal shelter or animal hospital. If you want to be a musician visit hospitals or retirement homes and play music for the patients. The opportunities are endless.

Millennials have the power to change the world. David says that it won’t happen overnight, but “starting small in your community and working with little pieces of bigger goals, anything is possible.” With resources and skills that are available today, Millennials will make a change.

To find out more about David Burstein's books, films, and upcoming project, visit his website