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  • Selfie for A Cause

    Is it possible to combine self promotion with a charitable cause? That’s what we have achieved with the #UltimateSelfieCampaign

    Creative Chatter Communities is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Our no charge software platform is used by other non-profit organizations across the country to find in-kind donations. These organizations simply post requests for items they need to help

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  • Promoting Peace in St. Louis

    On August 9th, the history of St. Louis was changed. This marked the untimely death of Michael Brown, which was followed by many days of unrest in the Ferguson community. These protests not only affected the surrounding communities of St. Louis, but the whole entire world. 

    I thought that applying to the peace in St.Louis grant would be a good idea. My friends

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  • Introducing Stemagora

    The human voice is the oldest communication tool, used before we picked up tools to chip away at our cave blogs.  In a world of multitasking, it’s hard to stare at a screen all the time. Audio allows us to interact, learn and convince others while still noticing the flowers that dot our paths. If you’re already familiar with podcasts you know you can ride the bus, bake muffins or

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  • The Fight Against Childhood Cancer

    Despite groundbreaking advancements in research and treatment, curing children’s cancer still remains one of the toughest challenges of our time. According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 10,400 United States children were diagnosed with cancer in 2007 - a foreboding figure that validates every hypothesis of childhood cancer being the leading cause of death among

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  • Like a Good Neighbor...

    "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there." Once again State Farm is living up to their catchy jingle, and in more ways than their comical commercials. The company is opening its arms up to the public and announcing their 2014 Neighborhood Assist Program.

    Speaking to Cooper Kennard, the coordinator for the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, VolunTEEN Nation got

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