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Latest Blog Post

Let’s Make the World a Kinder Place #KindnessChallenge

The #KindnessChallenge is a global movement to inspire kindness. Ultimately, I want us all to work together to make the world a better place. The goal is to get as many people as possible—preferably everyone with internet access!—to perform a random act of kindness and share it on social media. That means Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest… you get the idea.

Best of all, there are no limitations to what constitutes an act of kindness. It really can be anything!

Well, maybe not anything. I trust you to use some common sense. But if you’re having trouble thinking up some acts of kindness you would like to perform, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Leave a big tip for a waiter/waitress
  • Give a homeless person a meal
  • Bring candy for your co workers
  • Pay for the meal/drink of the person behind you
  • Wash your friend’s car
  • Bake a cake for someone
  • Call your mom and tell her how much you love her
  • Buy a lottery ticket for someone you don’t know
  • Walk your friend’s dog
  • Put coins in someone’s expired parking meter
  • Write a handwritten thank you card, thanking them for being a good friend
  • Let someone cut in front of you in line
  • Treat a friend to the movies

See, a random act of kindness can be of any size. And it doesn’t have to involve money. It just has to involve a little bit of heart. Can’t wait to see your random acts of kindness for #KindnessChallenge!

For every act of kindness shared, I will donate $1 to charity! The charity will be chosen by you, and you can go to the #KindnessChallenge page to vote now. The more acts of kindness we can create together, the happier we’ll all be!

I’m really excited that VolunTEEN Nation has partnered with me for this project, and I hope you join us in making the world a kinder place to be.

About Leon

Leon Logothetis is a TV host, producer, author, traveler and all around good guy. He is the host of The Amazing Adventures of A Nobody and author of a book by the same name. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, FOX, and BBC, among other mainstream media outlets. He currently lives in Los Angeles. His new book The Kindness Diaries is out this month.


VolunTEEN Nation provides teen experiences that make a positive impact on the world and in the lives of those around them.   

LifeLaunchr is a new website that helps teens take those experiences and turn them into greater self-confidence and better opportunities for the future!  LifeLaunchr has recently gone live and has received some rave (no – not that kind of rave) reviews from teen users ( and great interest from programs and schools that want to help teens create a more positive future -  for themselves and the world.  

LifeLaunchr has been described as “like LinkedIn” for teens.  It helps a teen collect important skills and life experiences in photos and words. It enables the user to combine those diverse elements into a powerful “Who I Am” presentation -  a personal storyboard. These “Who I Am” storyboards can be shared with peers and adults who can make a positive difference in the teen’s life – a personal “resume” or  passport for networking and opportunity.   

With LifeLaunchr, a powerful volunteer experience can become much more than a memory or a line in an application.  LifeLaunchr enables that experience to become part of a teen’s persona and self-presentation –reinforcing the value of the experience for the teen - and those with whom the teen shares their Storyboard.  

LifeLaunchr is excited to support the impact of volunteer experiences offered by and we hope to help the development of empowered teen-adults who will lead the way to a better future.  

Sign up at  Create and share your own “Who I Am” storyboard(s) that reflect important learning and experiences.  With LifeLaunchr – and experiences like those provided by VolunTEEN Nation – teens can create a more powerful presentation of “Who I Am”  -  and a better future for everyone. 

Use Your Difference to Make a Difference

Can you imagine a world where the youth have a voice and actually do something about solving the world’s problems and bridge gaps as educators, diplomats and travel enthusiasts? That’s a world I imagine everyday and that’s what gave birth to my mission statement which is "use your difference to make a difference." I don’t subscribe to the status quo that says one should go about things in a conventional manner or that there's only one path to success.

You see I grew up in four different continents and five different countries and it became evident to me that the world is so much bigger than we realize and that there is so much learning that people need to do. I also found that a lot of people are afraid of change or what they don't know and thus subscribe to the archaic mindset that states that one way of thinking is the ONLY and BEST way to live.

To disrupt this mindset I launched, a multi media platform that features all sorts of content every day showing people all over the world using their difference to make a difference or a unique perspective about what culture is like indifferent parts of the world. It’s all about thinking differently, it’s all about understanding what makes us different and applying that for good. 

It’s all about using our DIFFERENCE to make a DIFFERENCE.

Mark Up Your World

Emily Lundberg. If that name seems familiar it is because she used to be an intern here at Volunteen Nation. Now she is creating her own website, Contemporary Success. 

Emily has grown up working hard for everything she has. This includes three internships under belt, top notch grades, and the upcoming website. Through all of it, she couldn’t seem to find a resource that’s focus was to help young adults. When asking how to build/make a resume, what the difference is between business casual and business professional dress is, or which career path she wanted to look into, all of the resources were for people older and who already had experience. No one talked about how to start leaving a foot print on career world. Thus, Contemporary Success was born.

“Contemporary Success is a career development website that is meant as both a voice and a resource for young professionals of all fields and interests,” Emily said. “It is for high school students and young adults who are just figuring out what career path is right for them and how to accomplish their goals.” 

Emily believes that being able to help young adults is specifically important as they are our country’s future. She also believes that it is important for people to volunteer and intern as these give young adults the experience they need to start creating their resumes. 

“There are so many options out there that everyone is able to find something that works for them,” Emily said. “My advice for those who think that there are no opportunities to do what their interested in is to just approach businesses and organizations and ask. You'd be surprised what doors may open up.” 

Some open doors to look into, include the doors at Contemporary Success. The website is there as a platform for young adults to not only use as a resource, but to also voice their needs and opinions. There are two main ways to do this. The first is to go through Contemporary Success’s writing internship. They are working on a program to let young writers get published so that they can express the problems and solutions they have had in their experience. There is also the fact that any young adult who has a great internship idea for Contemporary Success or the website can email Emily to help create a personalized internship. All of this adds to the already prevalent young adult voice. 

As for the future of Contemporary Success it is always evolving. 

“My hope is that we'll publish enough content to truly become a one-stop career development and professional site for young adults,” Emily said. “I’d also like Contemporary Success to serve as a platform for young entrepreneurs, to develop more interactive programs and internships that will add deeper value to our audience which I'd like to grow considerably, and to highlight more the achievements made by young adults.” 

Contemporary Success will start checking off some of these goals by creating an online web series highlighting entrepreneurship endeavors started by young adults. 

If you would like to know more about Emily or Contemporary Success visit the website. You can also email Emily at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about potential internships. Check it out and start making your impact on the world today. 

The Servie Challenge

The popularity of the selfie is phenominal.  Selfies are the most well recognized trend among social media users, but they paint an incomplete picture of their subjects.

The Servie Challenge launched by VolunTEEN Nation Ambassador Kate Parchman is designed to allow social media users to show a more complete picture of themselves.  Servies are images of individuals/groups engaging in acts of service to others and posted on social media sites with the #serviechallenge.

Servies do the following:

1. Serives show a more complete picture of an individual, going beyond physical appearance to highlight interests, talents, character and dedication.

2. Servies share ideas for service opportunities. Many willing individuals wish to serve but do not know what groups or organizations are in need of assistance.  Also, first time volunteers may wish to share the experience with a friend, and servies can help volunteers to connect and coordinate efforts, leading to an increase in volunteer support for the organization and a more fulfilling experience for the volunteers.

3. Servies raise awareness, highlighting issues, needs and solutions to problems in our local communities and around the world.

4. Servies inspire others and impact communities:  Servies show needs being met, lives being improved and communities changing for the better.

5. The Servie Challenge is a great way to show, share and increase your impact on the world.   What you need to do for the Servie Challenge is post servies  to your profiles and then challenge other social media users to do the same.  Servies can change the world, but you have to take the first step. 

Post your servies with #serviechallenge.